Hi, I'm Riz

I've held executive roles for over a decade across multiple domains, including Product, Engineering, Data, Operations, and Marketing. My journey has spanned a diverse array of companies, from bootstrapped start-ups to VC-backed scale-ups, covering industries such as e-commerce, social networking, and SaaS.

I am committed to leveraging my expertise to help you achieve your business objectives. Explore more below, and I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you.

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I've worked in a VP or C-level capacity in fast growing technology firms for over a decade. I'm always open to discussing the next challenge and taking on either a full-time or fractional role.

Advisory & Coaching

I also provide advisory & coaching services. I'm a very people oriented leader focused on scaling an organization through motivation, empowerment, professional growth, and alignment of the team.

Software Development

I have a Computer Engineering degree and continue to develop software for clients. See below for some or my projects.

Software Development

Below you'll find some technology I've delivered on my own (outside of my work for employers over the years)

The fruit cart

The fruit cart needed a box subscription system to meet their unique needs. Even Shopify's solution fell short of providing the experience they wanted for their customers while being compatible with their business model. The end solution provided the a box subscription ecommerce website along with robust administrative controls and reporting across multiple product lines.

As a part of this solution I also provided customer communication tools to allow them to work directly with their customers when needed via SMS text messaging.

SLR Psychology

SLR Psychology was looking for help launching their new clinic. From Email to website to e-therapy to billing to security training to diagnostic tooling, I set them up with their full technology solution set ensuring PHIPA compliance. If you're standing up a new psychology practice or looking for help on an existing practice, I can help.

I've also created the CPO tracking sheet tool, a free website to make it easier for Psychologists to track their professional development activities.

Client Portal

An administrative services client was frustrated with their manual paper based method of delivering services to their clients. I developed a workflow driven client portal which included digital data collection, file/document collection, authorization signatures, document generation, and status tracking.

Bank Kiddo

Bank Kiddo is a passion project of mine focused on encouraging child financial literacy. Parents/guardians can create virtual bank accounts or investment accounts. Children can set goals and track the growth (or lack of growth) in their account. Younger children can even interact with the bank using their voice using Siri!

I strongly encourage you to check out Bank Kiddo if you're a parent who cares about financial literacy. It's totally free!

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